Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”)

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) will hold a Clarification Session to provide information about the Mina do Barroso Project.

The public clarification session will be held on the 12th of May, at 5.30pm online.

Due to technical issues, this session will have a limited number of participants and requires mandatory registration through the following form, in which the rules for participation are described: https://sessao-esclarecimento-ampliacao-mina-barroso.eventbrite.pt

Following its review, Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente ("APA"), the Portuguese environmental regulator, has declared the Mina do Barroso Project Environmental Impact Assessment to be in conformity with its requirements for the content of the EIA. The EIA will now progress to the next stages of the approval process, being a public consultation and a detailed review by APA’s Evaluation Committee. These processes take place simultaneously.


Click here to access the English translation of the Non-Technical Resume 


Click here for the EIA consultation process and documents on the APA website


On 16 April 2021 Savannah received confirmation that the Portuguese environmental regulator had declared the Mina do Barroso Lithium Project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be in conformity with its requirements for the content of the EIA. The EIA provides a comprehensive factual outline of how mining will be responsibly developed, sustainable and with a reduced impact, as well as the social, environmental, economic and demographic benefits that the project will bring to the region and Portugal.

Next Steps

The period of consultation will extend over a period of 30 days and close on Wednesday, 2 June 2021.  APA will define and initiate the public consultation process which is due to start in April 2021, with this next stage of the process expected to run no less than 45 working days. Results from the public consultation and the Evaluation Committee’s review will then form the basis for the Committee’s “Final Technical Statement” which will allow APA to prepare the contents of the Environmental Impact Declaration (“DIA”) and award the Project its DIA. Assuming there are no statutory delays, Savannah is expecting to receive the DIA during August 2021.

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