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  • The Barroso Lithium Project is expected to create 200+ long-term direct jobs, and with a preference for sourcing from local suppliers could create hundreds of additional indirect jobs too
  • Committed to community programs such as the Benefit Sharing Plan and other active community engagement initiatives
  • The Barroso project will act as a major income generator for municipalities through taxes and royalties
  • When lithium production is achieved at the Barroso Lithium Project, Portugal will be placed at the centre of the new European lithium battery supply chain which the European Commission is so keen to establish as part of its efforts to combat climate change while maintaining the region’s large automotive industry.
  • The transport sector is the second largest generator of emissions (CO2 equivalent) in the EU behind energy supply.

The proposed Benefit Sharing Plan (“BSP”) and Good Neighbour Plan (“GNP”), which were part of the overall EIA submission, were designed after extensive analysis by the Group and with input from key local stakeholders to address a number of area specific social, economic and environmental themes. Via the BSP and GNP, Savannah is demonstrating its desire to become a valued member of the local community through the commitments it is making to operate the Barroso Lithium Project in a responsible and sustainable way and to share with stakeholders the many benefits the Project can bring.

At the heart of the BSP proposal is the creation of a Foundation, governed by a combination of local stakeholders, Savannah representatives and independent experts, which will invest in community focused programmes. The Foundation will receive yearly endowments of €500,000 per annum from the income generated throughout the Project’s operating life.

A portion of this annual income will be set aside by the Foundation for use following the Project’s closure to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation’s goals. The specific community programmes in which the Foundation will invest will be agreed following community input, but Savannah’s initial proposals cover a diverse use of funds including enhancing elderly care services, education, arts and leisure, community transport and support for the local fire service and local food producers.

The GNP builds on many of the same themes as the BSP and underlines Savannah’s efforts to avoid or minimise other impacts from the Project on local communities and local resources, and to sharing its facilities, such as the onsite medical facilities. It also commits Savannah to communicating regularly and clearly with the Project's stakeholders about its activities and environmental performance on the Project, protecting and encouraging local fauna and flora, and to donating Project infrastructure for community use at the end of the operating phase.

Savannah operates an active community programme in Portugal.

Our commitment to communities and stakeholders is to act with integrity, transparency and honesty at all times.

This is a resource page with materials to help the community and stakeholders understand our activities and what is involved in mineral exploration and production.