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  • Positive Climate action: Savannah's lithium could help to remove 100Mt of CO2 from the EU transport sector
  • Impact mitigation: 238 individual minimisation measures contained in the EIA to eliminate, mitigate, or minimise impacts
  • Carbon abatement: Project Decarbonisation strategy initiated
  • Water usage: Project to be self-sufficient through on-site water harvesting and storage, & wastewater recycling
  • Waste Management: Actively minimised through sale of multiple products; dry waste storage & no tailings dam
  • Land Rehabilitation: Comprehensive rehab during and after operating phase
  • Biodiversity: Active management to monitor, protect and encourage
  • Smart design: Impact of transport, noise & light pollution minimised
  • Real time monitoring and public reporting of environmental KPIs

Decarbonising the operation to maximise the lithium's positive environmental impact.

The decarbonisation strategy for the Barroso Lithium Project is being led by ECOPROGRESSO, a Portuguese Consultant in Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Resources Management.

ECOPROGRESSO’s work will consist of three phases:

  • Phase 1: Updating the estimate of the Project’s greenhouse gases (‘GHG’) emissions based on international guidelines, and defining targets for overall GHG reduction
  • Phase 2: Working with sector specialists in zero-emissions vehicle and equipment manufacturing, automation, and control systems, to define and prioritise the key decarbonising initiatives
  • Phase 3: Defining the implementation of a decarbonisation roadmap aligned with the overall Project’s operational strategy, and designing a stakeholder engagement plan with specific initiatives to involve the main stakeholders across the value chain in the global emissions reduction strategy
  • Savannah expects the decarbonisation strategy to be defined and ready for implementation in Q2 2022

A new life for the ecosystem, post production.

Our vision for the Project stretches beyond the operational phase. Our objective is to leave the land rehabilitated, safe, valued and with new and different uses for the local population. In all of its investments Savannah commits to the maximum preservation of the environmental ecosystem while committing itself to land restoration that benefits the region and the entire community.

The land rehabilitation will be carried out in order to ensure future sustainable use, whether for tourism, agriculture or other purposes.