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Environmental Impact Assessment

Barroso Lithium Project: Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”)

The Barroso Lithium Project’s EIA provides a comprehensive factual outline of how Savannah will responsibly develop and operate the Project to minimise its impact, as well as the social, environmental, economic and demographic benefits that the Project can bring to the region and Portugal.

Following its review of the Barroso Lithium Project EIA, Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente ("APA"), the Portuguese environmental regulator, declared Savannah’s submission to be in conformity with its requirements for the content of the EIA on 16 April 2021.

The EIA subsequently progressed to the next stages of the approval process, a public consultation and a detailed review by APA’s Evaluation Committee. The public consultation period ran from 22 April until 16 July 2021 and Savannah welcomed the opportunity for all interested parties to register their views on the project.

English translation of the Non-Technical Resume English Download 5.7MB


Next Steps

Input from the public consultation along with the ongoing review by APA’s Evaluation Committee’s will form the basis for the Committee’s “Final Technical Statement” on the EIA which will allow APA to prepare the contents of the Environmental Impact Declaration (“DIA”) and award the Project its DIA.

Receipt of the DIA would represent a major milestone for the Project and allow the approval process to move on to subsequent “RECAPE” and Environmental License stages (which run in parallel). During these stages approval of detailed final designs are received and the Project’s environmental title (“Título Único Ambiental”, or “TUA”) is awarded.

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