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Our approach

A commitment to setting sector leading ESG practices in Portugal

ESG Statement

At Savannah, we acknowledge and recognise the importance of ESG to all aspects of our business and we plan to adopt appropriate aspects of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework. Click here to view the Company's ESG statement.

Environmental and Social Management System

To deliver on its ESG commitments, Savannah is developing and will implement and maintain a Corporate Environmental and Social Management System, that it intends to incrementally roll out on all of its projects. This ESG ‘manual’ will provide the framework for systematically identifying and managing the most potentially significant ESG risks and impacts typical of the mining industry. It also provides a roadmap for each operating subsidiary to develop their own project-specific ESMS, aligned with the Corporate ESMS, and in compliance with all applicable ESG-related laws, regulations and permits of the host country. We have initiated this process at the Barroso Lithium Project.

  • Extracted lithium will remove millions of tonnes of CO2 from EU transport sector over life of Project
  • Savannah will spend millions of euros on a host of individual measures designed to eliminate or mitigate impacts
  • Dry stacked tailings = no tailings dam
  • Maximise the use of renewable energy and electrification to move towards a carbon neutral product
  • Operation designed to be self-sufficient for water to avoid drawing on external supplies
  • Will provide 215 direct jobs & 500-600 indirect jobs
  • Real time monitoring and public reporting of environmental KPls
  • Committed to community programs such as the Benefit Sharing Plan and Good Neighbour Plan
  • Ongoing landscaping during project life to rehabilitate the area as operation progresses
  • Visual and noise impact to be minimised through smart design